Lunch at Galionen

Danish specialities

  • A selection of herrings
    109,- dkr.
    Curry herring, apple marinated herring, spiced herring with herbs served with hard-boiled egg, red onion and capers
  • Fried fish fillet
    89,- dkr.
    2 fillets of plaice served on rye bread with remoulade and lemon
  • "Stjerneskud"
    139,- dkr.
    Fried and steamed fillet of plaice topped with shrimps and asparagus
  • Luxury "smørrebrød" - 3 pieces
    189,- dkr.
    Smoked salmon with scrambled egg, fried fish fillet with shrimps & mayonnaise and roastbeef with pickles

Delicious and easy

  • Smoked salmon salad
    129,- dkr.
    With delicious crispy salad, red onions and pesto
  • Ceasar salad
    129,- dkr.
    Crispy salad with homemade dressing, cockerel, parmesan, cheese and croutons
  • Avocado salad
    119,- dkr.
    With artichokes, cherry tomatoes, salad and pesto dressing
  • Tuna sandwich
    119,- dkr.
    Tuna in sour cream with capers and red onions
  • Club sandwich
    119,- dkr.
    Chicken breast and bacon dressed in curry dressing


  • Fish platter
    169,- dkr.
    Marinated herring, smoked salmon, shrimps and fish fillet with remoulade
  • Galionens platter
    189,- dkr.
    Curry herring, fried fish fillet with remoulade roastbeef and sirloin steak with onions

The hot

  • Sole á la menuniére
    349,- dkr.
    With salad, potatoes and butter sauce
  • Fruits de Mer
    Today’s price
    1/2 lobster, oysters, crab claws
  • Fillet of beef
    189,- dkr.
    With herb butter and fries
  • All american cheeseburger
    159,- dkr.
    A classic burger with fresh salad
  • "Pariserbøf"
    149,- dkr.
    Minced beef steak on bread with red onion, capers, horseradish, beetroot and pickles

  • Fish cakes
    99,- dkr.
    Served with onion compote and cowberries
  • 5 oisters
    139,- dkr.
    Served with lemon
  • Fresh cooked lobster
    Today’s price
    1/2 or 1/1
    Choose between warm or cold
  • Fries
    35,- dkr.
    On the Side


  • Vanilla ice cream
    79,- dkr.
    With today’s fresh fruit and warm chocolate sauce
  • Seasonal fruit pie
    79,- dkr.
    With vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit
  • Cheese platter
    89,- dkr.
    Den Hvide Dame, creamy white mold cheese
    Vesterhavsost, dry and salty hard cheese
    Blå Kornblomst, creamy blue mold cheese